I Want You Back


Any girl born in that weird slice between Generation X and Millennials grew up as either Team NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys.

I was wholeheartedly Team NSYNC, although I did break down on occasion to enjoy Backstreet songs. I’m human after all.

When NSYNC was at the height of their popularity—we’re talking Justin with the ramen noodle hair—their tour decided to stop in Phoenix. My group of friends and I were determined to score fantastic tickets.

We had to camp outside of Dillard’s department store the night before and wait for their Ticketmaster to open the next morning to make all of our girlish dreams come true.

Much to the relief of my parents, there were less sane parents of my friends willing to camp out with a bunch of over-sugared, NSYNC-obsessed pre-teens. We were only third or fourth in line and felt on top of the world.

To pass the time, we played none other than NSYNC complete with our own choreography.

“You’re all I ever wanted…” {finger point, arm swoosh}

“You’re all I ever needed…” {finger point, arm swoosh}

And we carried those moves with us to the concert a few months later. 95% of my friends had professed their love for Justin through t-shirts or signs, so in the spirit of being different, I chose the next best one with similar good looks, voice and moves: JC.

I made a JC poster with turquoise and purple marker and wore an ill-fitting puffy paint JC hat. I knew I looked ridiculous, but didn’t care.

We had amazing seats where we felt like you could reach out and touch them. After the concert, my friend’s mom (who has successfully “stalked” other celebrities for autographs) drove us around Phoenix hot spots to see if the NSYNC boys were partying at any of them. Rumor had it, they were hitting up Mill Avenue.

My friend’s mom even walked into a few of these trendy clubs, with her chicken-embroidered purse slung on her shoulder. Now that, is a true fan.

We never found NSYNC that night—only in our dreams.