Get Lucky

Hot take: Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" is one of the great albums of the 21st century. And if you don't agree, you at least have to admit it was one of the best hyped and marketed albums during our lifetime.

I'm not being hyperbolic. Do you remember the anticipation behind the record's key hit, "Get Lucky?" It was YUGE. It was Daft Punk's first record since Alive 2007 (I'm not counting the Tron: Legacy soundtrack) and the duo released little teasing snippets of the song leading up to the album's release in 2013.

The trolls had a great time with that one.

I remember the night I heard "Get Lucky" for the first time. I was living in Tempe with two roommates and one of them just bought a brand new Audi A4. I wanted to first experience this hot new track on good speakers, so we sat in his car and let Pharrell serenade us for the first time. It was everything.

And not to be overshadowed, the other tracks on this album are fantastic. That's why I call it one of the greats of this century. It's top-to-bottom epic. "Loose Yourself to Dance," "Giorgio by Moroder," and "Doin it Right" are all timeless classics.