Wraith Pinned to the Mist

The summer of 2006, I decided to go back to school and get myself another student loan from Sallie Mae (and the degree that comes along with it). Being a few years removed from formal education, I thought it a good idea to enroll in some Community College classes to warm up for the rigor of university level education. 

Montage moment straight through the sociology class, what I want to talk about is the "bizarre celebration" that concluded. We spent 6 weeks with each other, so why the fuck not throw a party after the last class? It was a Breakfast Club of characters that would never have been in the same social circle.

Setting the scene – it was a luxury townhouse, pool, bbq, drinks mandatory, shirts optional. 

The characters – there was me, a pair of friends from Guam (who i considered one person), guy on leave from the Army, a girl that obviously took classes to meet boys, a scholarship holding soccer player from Ghana, the prettiest girl i have ever met IRL, and her boyfriend...who can be described by his first name, Chad.

Drinking, laughing, flipping burgers on the grill, nothing extraordinary at all. Time passed. Vodka watermelons got a little stronger, laughs got a little louder, lights got a bit dimmer.

Oh shit, enter the guest stars of the evening. Our Doctor Professor and a bag of cocaine. I don't want to over dramatize the size of this bag...but it looked like a movie prop. Now, this story isn't about whether I partook in the consumption of the Schedule II controlled substance or not, so we will use another montage scene to get us to the end. 

Panties missing from drawers, dudes wrestling, Chad breaks up with prettiest girl, I learned how to drive a manual transmission car, and Doctor Professor is in the pool naked. We were BFF's that night, and I have never seen any of them since.

Summer school man.