Kissing You

Freshman year. Formative year. Figure-it-out year.

First formal dance year.

This isn't a place you just throw on your dads suit. The outfit is as important as your dates corsage. 20 years from now, you will find old pictures of yourself at your parents house. (literally).

1996. My freshman year in high school was the year we read Romeo and Juliet out loud in English class. Every day we would switch who read what parts. On my day as Romeo...the line. THE LINE. Romeo is at the ball and sees Juliet for the first time and instantly falls in love. I can repeat the soliloquy by memory today.

This was also the year of the film ROMEO+JULIET. The year I realized who I should be at this formal dance. Who I should be all my life. Basically, be Leonardo DiCaprio.


I don't really remember the dance. But I do remember finding my outfit. Des'ree singing me through the process.

Bonus. Check out all the fun 90's relic's in my room.