I was just finishing up my freshman year of high school. I was just starting to find myself. I was building my image and that started with music, in a time where there was an anthem for every occasion, I was totally misunderstood, moody and wore mostly black.

Summer in a small town was about as laid back as it gets, that’s just a subtle way of saying it was boring. The most exciting thing that happen was the county fair.  I knew it was going to be a long couple of months. One bonus, my sister was coming home from college.  We are pretty far apart in age and at the time we were not super close, so it was way cool that she would invite her kid sister to a pool party with her friends.

We lived about an hour away from the city where her friends were. We had a nice long drive to reacquaint ourselves. It was that drive that she introduced me to new bands, bands that sure I had heard of but had written off as they didn’t really fit it with my 16 year old angsty persona. That’s when I heard “that song” you know the one that can make you smile and brings a barrage of memories with it?  That song was Santeria by Sublime. I felt light and free as we drove down those country roads with the windows down and singing along with Brad.

That was just the beginning, that summer we forged the bond over pool parties, amusement parks and kick ass trombone solos. It was a summer of change for both of us, it serves as a constant reminder totry new things and listen to new music, cause you never know when you are gonna hear “that song”.

That album is still a part of my summer playlist. When I hear it, it takes me back to bleach blonde hair, matching puka shell necklaces and a powder blue Geo Metro.

I am Shannon Korwek. Lover of Music, Adventure, Family and Animals.
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