Imagine for a moment, if you will, coastal California on a warm summer’s day in 2016. Windows down, about 78 outside, ready to seize the day, and you come upon a view like this:

What song would you put on? Well, if you’re me in this moment, speak Serbo-Croatian, and love the music from that part of the world, you’d put on a song called “Godine” (Years) by MC Yankoo. 

The first thing you’ll hear is:

Godine noćas lete a nisam više dete,
Znaš da te volim više od sebe,
Godine noćas lete a ni ti nisi dete,
Znam da me voliš više od sebe

Tonight, years fly by, and I’m no longer a child,
You know that I love you more than myself,
Tonight, years fly by, and you’re not a child neither,
I know that you love me more than yourself

I think pop songs everywhere share the same sentiments, they’re either about love, indulging in the finer things in life, materialism, or por que no los tres? 

Večeram Malibu novi restoran,
Samo ekskluziva, to je tvoj san,
Hollywood Hills, sutra Hawaii,
Šoping Dubai, moji običaj

I’m eating dinner at a new restaurant in Malibu,
Only exclusive, that’s your dream,
Hollywood Hills, tomorrow Hawaii,
Shopping Dubai, my habit

How about after the first time the chorus repeats?

Oči moje, moja sudbina,
sunce moje na nebu što mi sja,
ljubavi moja, ti moraš to da znaš,
ja spreman sam život da ti dam

My eyes, my destiny,
My sun who’s shining in the sky,
My love, you need to know,
I’m ready to give you my life

Fellas: say that to your lady, and you’ll be golden. I mean, unless you don’t really feel that way. Then don’t.

But you can’t deny that the beat and overall feel of the song just makes you want to get up and move. Even if you don’t understand what it’s saying. Which, I’ll assume most of the audience here doesn’t. But I’ll give you a hint: You’re not missing out on much, if you can’t see from my previous examples. Enjoy instead the beat and flow, and you’ll appreciate it all the same. While you’re at it, listen to some of MC Yankoo’s other songs. He’s one of the more popular pop artists among the people of former Yugoslavia these days, and for good reason. He makes good music.
The music video takes place in my father’s home country of Montenegro, along the coast during the summer. I suppose this is why subconsciously relate it to a warm Californian summer. Though I heard it in Phoenix for the first time, this memory will always be the one that comes up when I hear this song. #OrangeCounty2016