Where the Party At

When you are young, Memorial Day weekend is not a day off to relax. It is a blank slate of opportunity, 3 days to dream the most epic of parties. Suns out, guns out, buns out. 20 years old with a fake ID, and your best buds.

We decided on Friday, that we would drive from Los Angeles to Lake Havasu. Intention was to go wild, much like a popular DVD franchise at the time where girls went wild. We threw some beers, Red Bull's, and honey bbq Frito twists in the car, and drove. The CD mix was as hot as an Arizona summer, with Jagged Edge and Nelly on repeat. We knew in a few hours, our feet would be in the sand surrounded by a non-stop party.

Upon arrival...we discovered this desert city was packed, but we didn't think about finding a hotel, straight to the lake we went. Well, the lake was even more packed and people weren't exactly inviting 3 random dudes on their boats. 

It's okay. Lakeside is cool. For some reason, we didn't think about the effect beers without a cooler would have.

Whatever, new plan. Let's hit the bar's and sip cold Bacardi with the girls who didn't have a boat. As we approached the bouncer...the reality set in. 3 under-ager's, and 2 fake ID's.

Another pivot...HOTEL PARTY. Driving around that town for hours, every hotel was booked. Jagged Edge and Nelly taunting us on the speakers...we even drove back to state line...to find...NO VACANCY

No hotel, no boat, and a trunk full of warm Heineken's. It was a sad site. We slept in the car that night, and drove back home defeated. Spontaneity is fun, but when we saw all the oiled, laughing girls in boats with the guys who planned their weekend, I learned about the benefits of methodical thinking.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone, and remember, when you are wondering where the party is at, PARTIES TAKE PLANNING.