Hands Down

Every song I wrote about up to this point focused on a specific time or memory—limited to just a moment—but Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional crosses whole eras. In high school, it was the angsty love jam I attached to every girl I ever dated. In college, it was the song I learned to play on guitar and perform to every sorority with the rest of my pledge class. And today, it's the nostalgic tune connecting me with old friends. Any time there's a guitar in the room, Hands Down will eventually be strummed.

And isn't that what DéJam V♫ is all about?

Now, if you're a casual Dashboard fan like most, you know the rock version of Hands Down from the album A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar, but if you're into the deep cuts like me, you heard the acoustic version first on the EP So Impossible (pictured on the home page). Lead singer Chris Carrabba almost always plays the newer version at live shows, but the acoustic solo will always be near and dear to my heart.

BONUS: Here is Chris Carrabba singing Hands Down with Taylor Swift and all her friends at Tay-Tay's house. Seriously, how can you not sing along to this?