Always Be My Baby

Alright. I will preface this by saying, you will likely see more Mariah on here. By likely, I mean certainly.

This is definitely not in chronological Mariah order, but this song shuffled through recently, and I was immediately taken back to 1996. This felt like the right place to start. The summer was a huge milestone in my formative years. Graduated, ear pierced, watched the United States gymnastics team of Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Jaycie Phelps, Amanda Borden, Amy Chow, little Dominique Moceanu, and greatest American athletic hero of all time Kerri Strugg win a gold medal. All this, while being in love.

My relationship with Carri was complicated. We were friends. Maybe best of friends? We tried the whole girlfriend and boyfriend thing, a few times over 2 years, but ultimately, this Ross and Rachel dynamic, didn't make it to the season 10 finale. Nevertheless – I would like to believe that this was one of the more important and influential experiences in my life, as young love is growing pains.


It was the summer before we went off to different schools, so it was really the last summer with each other, as, whatever we were. Early morning pages, and the occasional hand-written letter. It's totally 90's teenage boy, but I remember leaving this song on her answering machine. Keep in mind, this was the answering machine shared with her entire family.

Always Be My Baby really was the soundtrack to that summer. Not one specific moment, but a blur of replaying this song and promising to keep in touch.