Just Another Day

When is the last time you heard this song?! It has been a LONG time for me, but I heard it on someones Spotify dinner mix. I immediately had my DéJam V♫ moment, and added it to the playlist.

It was 1992. I was living in Mission Viejo, CA (about 10 miles inland of the infamous Laguna Beach), and just a regular kid in the Orange County suburbs. I had a bike, baseball cards, 2 Super Soakers, and jars of Nickelodeon Gak...but it was time for me to start growing up. I did not have my own boombox. I needed my own boombox.

I swear, I was not spoiled. I was lucky to have parents that wanted me to have cool stuff, with the general terms i got good grades, wasn't late to baseball practice, and was a nice brother. To this day, I am notoriously hard to buy gifts for. People typically just ask me the exact product number or link to what I want, i pretend i don't know what they got me, and act surprised when it is exactly what i asked for. This has been a thing since my childhood.

My birthday was coming up, so I had my eyes on a specific stereo, the Panasonic RX-DT680. It had detachable speakers, equalizers, tuner, 2 cassettes (for recording mixtapes...one of those stories will come soon), a CD player with something called MASH technology...and all these other buttons to do what I can only imagine, was the latest in audio technology.

I got the boombox. It was awesome. Made memories with that thing for the next 10 years. 

So why the random Jon Secada? Yeah, well I was specific about the stereo I wanted, but not the music. Enter the cassette single to one of Miami's greatest hit makers. It's okay mom and dad, you wanted to get me something to show it worked. And while there were better singles that year by the likes of Dr. Dre, Soul Asylum, and Whitney on the Bodyguard Soundtrack ...I didn't give my parents shit...I kept the tape...and played it more than a few times.

This is your tape Panasonic RX-DT680.