Inside Out

I have couple friends who still attend Eve 6 concerts to this very day, though, I can't imagine what they're like for the first 50 minutes while the crowd is just waiting around for "Inside Out."

The 1990's were the steroid era for one-hit-wonder pop singles. Marcy's Playground, Smash Mouth, Right Said Fred, and Crash Test Dummies were just a few flash in the pans that dominated the decade but, in my mind, they all lived in Eve 6's shadow.

"Inside Out" wasn't their only hit—"Here's to the Night" annoyingly attached itself as the official song of high school graduations in 2000 (I always preferred Green Day's "Good Riddance," though, I'll take either over Vitamin C's "Graduation")—but it was the one that still defines the band today.

I was in 8th grade, celebrating one last year of true childhood before the angsty peer pressures of high school began, and I was so obsessed with "Inside Out" that I made a mock music video with my buddy Garrett (video not available, sorry). He knew the lyrics best so he was the star on screen while I worked the camera.

I can't say what a crowd does for 95 percent of an Eve 6 concert, but I do know that when "Inside Out" plays, everyone screams "FIND NOTHING BUT FAITH IN NOTHING" like some 90's war cry, rallying the ghosts of 8th grade past to the stage of Tucson, or Toledo, or whichever oddball city Eve 6 books a gig in these days.