The acoustic version of Everlong helped get me through a 10-day stretch of dog/house-sitting the summer I graduated from high school. It was for a well-to-do couple and the home was beautiful, with an unreal view of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

I remember drinking more than my share of diet Coke from the fridge and using the cucumber melon lotion from their bathroom.

Even though the gig was a little taste of the freedom I’d be in for a few months later, the days chilling around an empty house with a 17-year-old poodle got a little tedious.

Enter the acoustic Everlong.

One of my besties made me a mix CD and Everlong was track 9. It was recorded from a Howard Stern interview so it included some of the banter before and after the song. I marveled, and still do, at the coolness of Dave Grohl.

My bestie who made the CD stayed the night at the tail-end of my housesitting stint. We dared each other to try a shot of the dusty bottle of whisky in the back of Poodle Couple’s cabinet. There was a lot of giggling and gagging, and we decided it felt like fire and tasted like lighter fluid, mothballs or rubber. Not that we’d know.