Break Stuff

Where were you when Woodstock 99 burned to the ground?

I wasn't there to see it (14-year-olds probably weren't encouraged to go) but I can imagine the arid heat, overpriced water bottles, and 90s angst wearing the crowd down until the sun finally set. Then Limp Bizkit enters the stage...

Limp Bizkit is one of those bands we sort of look back on and laugh about from the view of our 2017-tinted glasses, but in 1999 this group was a force. And when those first two chords from "Break Stuff" ripped through Wes Borland's guitar, the crowd of 200,000+ unleashed hours of rage and dehydration across Woodstock. I mean, just look at that crowd in the video above. Absolute carnage.

In the end, Woodstock 99 is remembered as a disaster. Kurt Loder reported on it like some kind of terrorist attack. But 14-year-olds can't see those situations with the same maturity and I was completely in aww when I saw that performance for the first time. Fred Durst was the man. Wes Borland, well, he was actually the man in retrospect. And teenage Jim could destroy the world with "Break Stuff" raging in the background.