Hey Ma

MySpace.com was a lifestyle. There is a generation that straddles between X and Millennial, and MySpace was the meeting place where they gathered to display how awesome they were.

One of my first contract jobs out of college was designing assets for this website. My interactions with Tom were limited, but he remained on my Top-8 for the purpose of...well, I'm not sure. Anyways, as I moved on to my next job, MySpace was still a large part of my life in this cyber world of expression and social networking.

As the world was starting to get more connected, it was important for an attention-whore like myself to stand out and be internet famous. So, I rebranded myself as...the guy who wore pink. I saved up enough cash to get these custom Nike Dunks with a pink Gucci monogram. Do you remember when you were able to customize pages? Yeah. Pink. Do you remember when you were able to add music? Yeah. My brother in pink, Cam'Ron. I kept steady with the colorway, and would be objectified by strangers at Santa Monica Pier or Six Flags Magic Mountain...with a "Hey Ma".