Adam's Song

If you are going to be a cover band in 1999, why not cover Blink-182? Better yet, why not just perform the three Blink hits off this album? Okay, let's max out the dream, and cover ONE Blink song really well?

We only played together once, but what a performance it was. A house party, a house Christmas party, in a garage was our stage. Full of Boone's Farm Wine (Strawberry Hill) and Newport cigarettes. Aaron, William, Ronnie (I think), and Michael headlining. No band name, just four dudes ready to rock this holiday party.

4 verses in, I forget the lyrics. I mumbled and slurred through the rest...pretending I was drunk...on that Boone's Farm Wine. Confident that the acting job made the situation worse. 

To this day, I will hear it in the car, sing along, and hesitate and stutter when I get to that 4th verse. I like to sing, but after that night, I came to admire the soft-spoken Travis Barker's of the world, and learned to more confidently keep the beat on the skins.