Gin & Juice

1994. I went to school at a fairly conservative Christian academy at the time. Evangelical even. The type of people that would boycott such an album in the hands of an elementary school student. Do you guys remember the cover of the CD?? Be careful when you google images it, the album was called "Doggystyle".

I remember we were all getting on a bus for some school retreat in the mountains of Southern California, to retreat, pray to the Jesus, read the old testament. I had this album in my Discman, headed to my seat and bobbing my head up-and-down, like anyone who hears the G-Funk beats by Dr. Dre...except i was a 4'8" kid in a school uniform. I strategically sat myself near the girl I was in love with, Jane. What would make her love me more than spitting hot fire, in the form of Gin & Juice. Word-for-word, verbatim, unedited, ran smooth like butter from my lips. I think I got to the verse "raise up off these N-U-T's", I can't prove it, but she snitched on me. 

The teacher took away my album. I didn't get the girl. But thats just how it goes. Thug Life.